• Every Move Counts

    Every Move Counts is a sensory based approach to communication developed on the right of all to express their likes, needs, and wants. The overall emphasis of Every Move Counts is to discover what our individual students enjoy and want to communicate about, giving them the opportunities to express themselves.

    The program uses the student’s senses as a basis for determining their likes and dislikes.  Based upon what is discovered during a sensory evaluation, one highly preferred activity is determined to begin their journey of learning to communicate. As one symbol (a physical response, concrete object, picture, etc.) for a preferred activity is learned, others are added to begin a communication system that is accessible and meaningful to the student.

    Classroom teachers and related personnel who work with the student provide practice and opportunities to use symbols throughout the day.  With consistent daily use and a team approach, the student begins to discover the meaning and use of symbols of things that he/she enjoys, followed by a symbol for stop/finished, and by symbols for activities he/she may not be so fond of.  Over time, the goal is to establish a communication system which is portable, useful, and understandable for everyone that the student has contact with.