• Mt. Herman Special Olympics

    Annually, during the spring, Mt. Herman has our Special Olympics.  We are excited to announce that this is our second year we are in partnership with the Special Olympics organization.  Special Olympics has now included a program for students with more significant cognitive and physical disabilities called Motor Activity Training Program (MATP).  This program was designed for individuals who are not able to participate in the traditional Special Olympics events.  Most importantly, it includes athletic activities that are appropriate for individuals with ALL abilities.

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     The Opening Ceremony 

     After the principal’s welcome, the Mt. Herman Color Guard under the direction of Carol Seger, marched and presented the flags for the Pledge of Allegiance, recited by a Mt. Herman Student and the National Anthem, lea by the Alden Road Signing Choir. At the conclusion of the National Anthem, the Alden Road Signing Choir performed another inspirational song. Each classroom participated in the banner parade by displaying a banner their classroom created. The Screaming Eagles,a local motorcycle organization, escorted the Graduates in a parade to recognize their accomplishments. At the conclusion of the ceremony, our current teacher of the year, officially opened the Mt. Herman Special Olympics.

    Some of the events for the Special Olympics consisted of the following:

    • Gait Trainer/Walker Races
    • Scoot Crawl
    • Marshmallow Rain Game
    • Basket Ball shoot
    • Velcro Ball Target Toss/Pull Off-
    • Target Ball 1
    • Ramp Bowling
    • Tether Ball Hit
    • Bob for Floating Objects
    • Shopping Cart Race
    • Independent walk/run
    • Hand Held Walk
    • Bike Race
    • Tennis

           Because each student completed the events to the best of his or her ability, each student received an award. It was a very inspiring and joyous occasion that celebrated our students’ true abilities.