• Mobility and Sensory Garden

    To enhance the experiences of our students, a Sensory Garden and Mobility Park was added to the Mt. Herman campus.  This pathway is filled with a variety of textures, smells and visual experiences.  As the pathway winds through the garden, there are a variety of interactive experiences for the students to enjoy, including a green house.  It is accessible to all students. Seating is available throughout the garden and picnic tables allow for expanded use of the area.  It is a relaxing environment that gives our students access to outdoor experiences that further expand their potential.

    During the 2011-2012 school year, the green house construction plan was conceived and by 2013 school year, the green house plan came to fruition.  The students will be able to be involved at every step of the planting process.  It will be a mobility and sensory activity used to help the students develop a vast number of academic skills, skills of daily living and leisure skills.


     Picture of tablesPicture of Playground



    Wheelchair accessible planter
     Touch Math manipulatives



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