•  Eco Dolphins

    Eco Dolphins Atelier

    Exceptional Hands Creating Recycled Crayons and Handmade Paper Art

    Eco Dolphins Atelier is a school-based enterprise at Alden Road Exceptional Student Center. The Atelier provides vocational and employability skills training to the students enrolled in the transition program. While learning to make recycled crayons and handmade paper art, our team members learn and practice functional academic, daily living, communication, social strategies and employability skills. Our goal is to engage our students in real world activities that better prepare them for living as independently as possible.

    We offer a variety of handmade paper products, including journals, bowls, and bookmarks. We also produce recycled crayons in an assortment of fun shapes, sidewalk chalk, and notebooks made out of recycled cereal boxes.

    For more information or to purchase our products, please contact 
    Sonia N. Huffman by email at huffmans@duvalschools.net or call 565-2722.

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