Elementary Mathematics

  • Elementary Mathematics Core Instruction 

    The core instruction takes place daily in a 60-minute classroom session led by the teacher. Beginning in 2015/2016 The Elementary Mathematics Core program is DUVAL Math, which is built from Eureka Math.  This program was developed by expert teachers after the release of the standards.  Recently, Eureka was heralded by EdReports and others as one of the most aligned curricular products available.  
    Elementary Mathematics Center Instruction
    Centers are designed for intervention and enrichment of mathematics instruction and takes place daily in a 30-minute session. There are three components: a teacher-led center using Ready MAFS materials; a computer center where students work on lessons in i-Ready online instruction and teacher made centers where students work on games and instruction in a cooperative manner or individually.

3rd Grade FSA Review

4th Grade FSA Review

5th Grade FSA Review