Elementary Mathematics

  • Elementary Mathematics Core Instruction 

    The core instruction takes place daily in a 60-minute classroom session led by the teacher. Beginning in 2022, the elementary mathematics Core program is McGraw Hill’s Florida Reveal Math. Florida Reveal Math is aligned to Florida’s Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking (B.E.S.T.) Standards for Mathematics. This program was authored by mathematical content experts and expert authors to create a program guided by validated academic research and classroom best practices. During the development, intentionality was given to make sure students build deep conceptual understanding and develop proficiency with essential concepts and skills.   
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    Elementary Mathematics Center Instruction
    Centers are designed for intervention and enrichment of mathematics instruction and take place daily in a 30-minute session. There are three components: a teacher-led center to meet students’ differentiated needs in small groups; a computer center where students work on lessons within their online blended learning instructional program and teacher-made centers where students work on games and instruction in a cooperative manner or individually. Differentiated centers support students on their individualized path by working on a variety of tasks to reinforce their understanding, build their proficiency, and/or extend their thinking about mathematical concepts and skills.
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