• Certification Eligibility Criteria

    Persons seeking certification must be:
    • At least 51% owner, and be recognized as a minority person with established membership in one of the ethnic groups that are statutorily recognized as a minority in the state of Florida. (African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, Native American, or American Women)
    • Managed and controlled by minority persons seeking certification
    • Domiciled in the state of Florida Engaged in commercial transactions (for profit)
    Performing a useful business function by:
    • Currently serving customers other than state or local government agencies
    • Operating as a regular dealer of commodities, making sales regularly from goods maintained in stock
    • Carrying out its responsibility to perform, manages and supervise work
    A Minority Business Enterprise, which is:
    • Independently owned and operated
    • Net worth does not exceed three (3) million dollars and an average net worth for the preceding two years of no more than two (2) million dollars.
    • Employing 100 or fewer full-time permanent employees
    • Qualified by a minority owner who holds a current professional license
    • Owned by minority persons who have not acquired their majority ownership via a transfer from a non-minority spouse, relative or employee within two years