• Reading

    Reading is about THINKING! Did you know that there are 5 key components to being a successful reader?
    These are:
    • PHONEMIC AWARENESS/PHONICS:  letter/sound recognition & relationships
    • ACCURACY:  correctly decoding the words
    • FLUENCY:  reading rate, expression, intonation, prosody
    • COMPREHENSION:  understanding the meaning of the text
    • VOCABULARY:  understanding and expanding vocabulary in terms of word meaning and understanding words within context

    How to help your student unlock the 

    Phonemic Awareness/Phonics:  Play rhyming games,such as looking for rhyming pairs in magazines, read poems or songs and talk about rhyming words or verses; help children listen for the beginning/ending sounds of words, then move on to medial sounds.  Phonemic Awareness also includes manipulation of syllables within a word and using phonemes (sounds) in multiple locations of a word.

    Accuracy:  Model reading for youngsters; point to words for very early readers so they grasp the concept of one-to-one correspondence; bring attention to what letters the words begin with/what would make sense in the particular sentence or story; help students look for sight words while reading a pssage - not just seeing the words on flash cards.

    Fluency:  model reading aloud with correct pace, expression, intonation, attention to punctuation, etc..

    Comprehension:  pause at intervals and have your child retell the story or cite information they have learned up to that point.  Students need to be able to pulled "direct quotes from the text".

    Vocabulary:  Read aloud every day!  Find about 8-10 words in a picture book that really helps children understand the meaning of the text.  See if your chid can figure out the meaning of those words by using other words in the sentence or surrounding phrases.  Have students think in terms of examples, non-examples, synonyms and antonyms of the word.  Can he/she make a "picture in their brain" of the word?

    Most importantly....enjoy this time together!

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