•  Safety Patrols
    The Kernan Trail Safety Patrol Organization, in collaboration with the Jacksonville Sherriff’s Department, furnishes leadership and service. Being a member of the Safety Patrol Team offers students many valuable lessons in self-reliance, leadership, critical thinking, and the safety of others and themselves. Kernan Trail Patrols are easily identified by their belts, badges, and nametags that are worn daily. It is expected that all Patrols at Kernan Trail present a positive image, particularly when on duty. Patrols will be trained to assume authority without abusing it. Patrols help enforce the school’s rituals and routines while monitoring morning and afternoon throughout Kernan Trail Elementary School. For their dedicated service, Patrols have several incentives throughout the year. Incentives include: lunch and dinners with the principal, breakfast with the sponsors and a Play Day with the Police Academy League. Throughout the year the team will consistently fund raise for an end of the year, six day Washington D.C. trip.

    In order to be a Kernan Trail Safety Patrol member you must:
    -Be a 5th grader
    -Be a leader
    -Make an ‘A’ in conduct
    -Make all ‘A’s and ‘B’s (allotted ONE ‘C’ per academic year)
    -Have a positive attitude
    -Participate in all fundraising events 
    Ms. Hatcher
    Mrs. Soto