• WKTE is a closed circuit television production studio. This club is available to Fourth grade students. Every student who participates becomes responsible for delivering the morning announcements to Kernan Trail Elementary via the closed circuit TV. Involvement allows students to "announce" in front of the camera (while reading from a teleprompter) and work all technical studio equipment.

    Every WKTE member learns the basic fundamentals of operating: cameras & head sets in order to communicate with the sound technicians and director, running a teleprompter, sound board, a fade machine & titler machine.

    Towards the end of the school year, "auditions" (i.e. reading aloud and writing a short explanation of why they would like to be part of WKTE) are held for third grade students. New members apprentice under current members. Students become so proficient in operating the studio they can teach the skills to others.
    WKTE affords students the opportunity to learn the art production and performance.

    Susan Strong (Media Specialist)