• As an increased safety measure and an effort to reduce wait time in the student pick-up area, the outlined procedures should be followed:

    • Each parent will be provided with a color-coded car hanger during Orientation and/or Open House.
    • Your child’s first and last name should be printed on the car hanger in large block letters with a permanent black marker.
    • The car hanger, with the child’s name, should be placed on the rear view mirror of the vehicle when picking a student up after school.
    • As cars approach the student pick-up area, an assigned adult will alert the student by calling his/her name.  The student will proceed to the designated boarding area to be dismissed.  Please refrain from blowing your horn to get your child’s attention.  
    • Parents with more than one child should list all students on their corresponding color card, attaching them together if necessary. 
    • The car hangers have been provided to us by local businesses.  Please keep them in a safe place for daily use.  Cars without hangers will have to park & report to the main office to pick-up your child.  Replacement car hangers may be obtained in the main office for $1.  Additionally, you can purchase additional tag(s) for other family members. 
    • Parents who are picking students up early must report to the main office to sign the student out.  If it is after 2:00 (12:45 for Early Dismissal), please wait for your child outside.


    Car Rider Tips

    1. Please have your child sit on the right side of the car to allow him/her to exit quicker from the car.
    2. Please give your child lunch money, breakfast, fix his/her hair, sign folders, etc. at home – not in the car drop-off area.
    3. No cars should be left unattended. If you need to get out of your car, please park in the available lot. (No parking along the curb/fire lane.)
    4. All students will enter the school at the doors by the Main Office – not the side gates.
    5. Please do not block the cross walks. Notice the lines on the pavement.
    6. Do not allow your child to exit the car until you have reached the designated drop-off zones.
    7. Please pull up as far as you can prior to allowing your child to exit the car, following the directions from the staff on duty.
    8. Are you available to assist in the mornings?  We would love to have some extra hands to greet our students each morning. 


    As a suggestion, you may want to go down ­­­Dames Point Crossing, past the old Crest Chevrolet, and turn right on to Merrill Road, then right again on Hartsfield Road to enter the school property.

    *During arrival and dismissal times, a right turn MUST be used when exiting the campus.*

    *No left turns will be permitted, due to the necessary traffic pattern.*