• Math

    At Sadie T. Tillis Elementary School, we have two interactive research-based math programs.  The first program is the Every Day Counts Calendar Math bulletin  board program.  It provides 10-15 minutes of math instruction every day. Every Day Counts gives students daily exposure to critical concepts such as place value, mental math, measurement, time, money, geometry, estimation, patterns and algebraic thinking, graphing, and statistics - in a continuous learning experience that allows them to construct understanding over time at an individual pace, building comfort and confidence.  The classroom discussion is the heart of the program.  The program gives students the opportunity to talk about what they see and understand.
    Reflex Math   
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    The second math program is DUVAL MATH.  In DUVAL MATH  is a program that consists of units made up of instruction that are designed to help children learn to think of math conceptually.  As children explore essential math topics, they develop number sense, learn to visualize and describe geometric relationships, and collect and analyze real data.  Much of the learning in this hands-on curriculum takes place by students playing "game like" math activities.  Students bring home the math game activities and materials to continue learning by playing with their families.  
    Solving a Word Problem
    A complete solution to a word problem that includes:  a written example, all the work that you do, an equation (even if you solved it using column form), a diagram, number line, chart, or other representation and the answer to the question in a complete sentence. 
    What If I Get Stuck?
    If you get stuck you can look at past lessons, look at the charts that are posted in the classroom, try the problem using counters or other materials, sketch a diagram or other representation, change the numbers to make the problem simpler, write what you do know, write down questions to ask later, or check other resources. 
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