• What is Gifted Education?

    Duval County’s Gifted Education program is designed to meet the unique needs and abilities of a gifted learner.  It is believed that these needs can be more fully developed and challenged in an educational program that provides a differentiated curriculum emphasizing a student’s strengths and the development of higher level thinking skills necessary to become a successful decision making individual.

    What do Gifted Classes look like?

    In Duval County Gifted is an enrichment program, differentiated to meet the individual needs of a diverse group of students.  Gifted learners meet weekly at the Gifted Resource Center in small groups that include participants from multiple area schools; students learn strategies and skills from five strands of an interdisciplinary curriculum that enables learners to create a variety of products.  The five areas of the gifted curriculum are: Social Processes, Creative Expressions, Critical Appreciation, Research Methods and Scientific Approach.

    What makes Holiday Hill's gifted program different?

    Whenever possible gifted learners are grouped with their gifted peers in the same homeroom, providing expanded opportunities for delving into advanced units of study, compacting curriculum, and stimulation throughout the week.  The teacher of the gifted works closely with classroom teachers who have a specific interest in accommodating gifted learners to be sure that learners are being challenged and supported every single day.


    Who is Gifted?

    Gifted learners come from all backgrounds and have a variety of learning styles and needs.  Gifted students can experience the same disabilities and challenges that typical learners do.  It’s important to remember that some of what we think gifted “is” could be stereotype.  Here are some common characteristics that many gifted students share. 

    Characteristics of Giftedness

    *Learning quickly with limited exposure.

    *Judgmental of people, events and things.

    *Difficulty in peer relationships.

    *Assertive about personal beliefs.

    *Relates better to older age groups.

    *Likes to study difficult subjects.

    *Behaves as an individual, does not fear to be different.

    *Strives for perfection, is self-critical and may not complete assignments if they do not meet personal standards for success.

    *Unwilling to accept authority without critical examination.



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