• First Grade Information

    First grade students will become fluent readers, writers and problem solvers by learning and applying the skills and concepts taught to them.

    In communications, students learn to apply reading strategies for decoding, as well as comprehension strategies that help them understand what they are reading. Examples of phonetic rules that are learned are: sounds made by consonant letters, vowel sounds, blends and diagraphs, which assist students to sound out, spell and write words.

    Students learn to understand and comprehend text by studying the meanings of words (vocabulary) and building background. These skills also strengthen a student's ability to retell and respond to stories they read.

    The focus on math concepts and processes is presented in a way in which students are encouraged to develop their number sense by using hands-on materials and activities, learn to problem solve using specific strategies, and understand spatial and relational shapes and the attributes that identify them. These foundational skills will form a basis for future learning.

    The curriculum is reviewed and performance expectations are created to help parents, teachers and students be aware of what is expected for the nine-week period. Data chats and parent conferences are used to communicate with the students and parents to ensure everyone knows current levels of progress and is able to set goals and objectives as next steps.