KMS Bell Schedule 2019-2020
    Regular Bell Schedule
    Gen Ed       Bldg 9
    1st 9:30-10:16     9:30-10:17
    2nd 10:20-11:05     10:20-11:05
    3rd 11:09-12:59 Lunch Class/Operation Amazing Ospreys 11:07-12:03
      1st/Bldg 6 11:13-11:43 11:47-12:59  
      2nd/Bldg 8 11:51-12:21 11:09-11:47 / 12:25-12:59  
      3rd/Bldg 7 12:29-12:59 11:09-12:25  
    4th 1:03-1:48     12:06-1:03
    Lunch CSS     1:05-1:35
    5th 1:52-2:37     1:39-2:39
    6th 2:41-3:26     2:41-3:26
    7th 3:30-4:15     3:30-4:15
    Early Dismissal Bell Schedule
    Gen Ed       Bldg 9
    1st/5th 9:30-10:30      
    3rd 10:34-12:22 Lunch Class/Operation Amazing Ospreys  
      1st/Bldg 6 10:37-11:07 11:11-12:22  
      2nd Bldg 8 11:15-11:45 10:34-11:11 / 11:19-12:22  
      3rd Bldg 7 11:52-12:22 10:34-11:48  
    Lunch 4th/CSS     12:30-1:00
    2nd/6th 12:26-1:26      
    4th/7th 1:30-2:30      
    *We will run Early Dismissal Days on an A/B Month Schedule
    A months = August, October, December, February, April   
    B months = September, November, January, March, May  
    Morning Arrival      
    Students to gym and café 9:00      
    Dismiss from gym and café 9:20      
    School day begins 9:30      

    *Please note, there will be no early check out after 3:45 and on early release days there will be no early check out after 2:30.*



  • Report Cards - Now Online!

    Report cards will be available to view through Focus accounts beginning June 8 .

    To view the report cards, follow these simple instructions: 

    1. Log into your Focus Account. 

    2. Select "View Report Card" in the Alerts section of your portal.

    3. The report card will download to the bottom left corner of your screen as a PDF.

    4. Select the PDF at the bottom left of your screen to open report card.

    Note: If you do not have a Focus account, visit here. You will see instructions for  "Creating an Account" and then for "Linking Your Student" to your account once it's created.

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  • Reminder: All students entering seventh grade are required to have the Tdap vaccine, or a Religious, or Medical Exemption

    Florida State Statute 1003.22 requires that all students entering seventh grade must receive the Tdap vaccine, which protects against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough). All seventh-grade students need to show proof of Tdap immunization before starting school. This requirement is in addition to other immunization requirements that are grade-appropriate.


    Health care providers should document the Tdap vaccine on the Florida Certificate of Immunization form 680. Religious exemptions are documented on form 681. Parents of seventh-grade students should make sure to bring the form to their children's school before the first day of school. Seventh-graders will not be allowed to attend class if schools do not have a 680 or 681 form on file. Many students have already received the Tdap vaccine and simply need to supply proof to their schools. The Florida Department of Health in Duval County provides free vaccines for children. For more information, please call the district's Health Services department at (904) 253-1130.

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  • Summer Bridge

    Moving from elementary to middle school can be one of the most difficult transitions a student will make. We're here to help students get acclimated to KMS by hosting our annual Summer Bridge Program for our incoming 6th graders. The program will help students get to know some of their fellow classmates and teachers, learn how to navigate our campus, and get to have their questions answered by our panel of students.

    Our 2020 Summer Bridge Program will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams on Thursday, July 30th from 9:00-noon. In order to register and participate, go to kernancounselors.weebly.com Registration is open until Wednesday, July 29th.

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