All parents and interested individuals are encouraged to join the PTA, attend PTA meetings, and participate in PTA related activities. Membership dues are a donation which assists in providing special programs and activities.

         Our School Advisory Committee, SAC, is composed of parents, staff, business people, and community members. The committee meets at least eight times a year and plays an active role in advising school personnel and informing the community of mutual needs and interests. Attendance by the public is encouraged at all meetings.



    Ø State Regulations require that all volunteers have a background check prior to being allowed to volunteer at school. This is for the safety of ALL of our students.  Forms are available online at www.duvalschools.org.

    Ø Volunteers provide essential services to our school and are most welcome.

    Ø A Volunteer Orientation meeting will be held to familiarize volunteers with guidelines and procedures. When you come into the building for volunteer work, always sign in and out in the Volunteer Book located in the front office and wear your badge.

    Ø Your volunteer hours help us win recognition from the State Department of Education.