• Request for Teacher Change


    Step 1: Parent makes a formal written request to the principal.

    Step 2: Parent has a minimum of one conference with the teacher to discuss the reason the parent believes a change in teacher is in the best interest of the student.

    Documentation and data must be provided.

    Step 3: Parent observes in the classroom for a minimum of 30 minutes; documentation substantiates the concern.

    Step 4: Conference is held with the parent(s), teacher, standards coach, guidance counselor and principal to determine the appropriate action. 

    Step 5: Based on the previous data and recommendation from the team, principal determines the placement for the child. The receiving teacher is determined by whoever has the lowest enrollment and by ensuring that all classes are balanced (based on race, sex, special needs and educational level).


    Note:  Completing the above steps does not guarantee that a change in placement will be made.