• Non-instructional Professional Development


    Duval County Public Schools value the contributions made by the Non-instructional Personnel (NIP) and foster their growth in the system. A School Board Policy has been approved based on the Florida Law, which includes professional development for all employees. High quality professional development for all non-instructional personnel (NIP) is provided to close the communication gap between NIP and certificated personnel by building meaningful relationships and support in our learning community. This will help in increasing the NIP knowledge, skills, aspiration, attitudes and behaviors necessary to effectively perform in their current position.


    Learning Forward knows how important the NIP is in any school system; therefore, a standard has been established to measure the effectiveness of the NIP in the school systems. Beginning in 2010-2011 school year, the evaluation process required by the legislation is the Florida Department of Education Professional Development System Evaluation Protocol, for the first time the NIP will be rated based on their professional development.


    Opportunities for face-to-face training for NIP are available through the Professional Development Department.