• Preparing Students for Success
    At ACHS our goal is to provide learning environments and academic assistance to prepare our students to contribute to our changing world.  Our goal is achieved through rigorous studies, active and interactive lessons and assistance if necessary through tutoring and optional resources.  
    Because Duval County Public Schools is using the Blended Learning method of teaching, here is the link to all resources used in the county for this purpose.
    Please refer to the links on the left to locate additional assistance to your academic needs at Atlantic Coast High School. 

Technology with Academic Focus

  • Achieve3000
    Our district has provided logins and passwords for students to use Achieve 3000 at home for additional reading practice.

    Achieve 3000 is a research-based reading program that allows students to read and respond to text at their lexile reading level, based on an in-program Lexile assessment.  Students should log in, choose an article to read, and complete the Thought Question, Reading the Article, Activity, Reading Poll, and Thought Question. The program is designed to be used twice weekly to affect growth in reading level for the majority of students. Students will find the link to Achieve in the BLENDED LEARNING folder once logged into to his/her Oneview account.  To do this, follow these steps:


    1. Go to https://oneview.duvalschools.org


    2. Log into the website using school credentials so that you get to a screen where you can see this



     OneView Blended Learning

    3. Click on the Blended Learning tab to locate the link to Achieve3000



    Blended Learning  



    NOTE:  Students will need to use his/her normal password to gain access to the site.

    If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Henry, reading coach, at 538-5120, ext. 1028

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  • Microsoft logo      

    Student Microsoft Home Use Program

    The Microsoft program will be available to ALL students. Instructions for elementary and secondary students are below.
    Step by step instructions for parents can be found on the main duvalschools.org website located here:  http://www.duvalschools.org/domain/4836

    For information regarding your student's information that would be necessary to complete the download consider the following information:

    Student Usernames and Passwords
    Username: student number with an "s" in front
    Password: Uppercase first letter of first name, birth date, lowercase first letter of last name, last 4 digits of SS# (if that doesn't work, try the last 4 digits of the student # instead of the SS#)

    John Smith, born on March 1st, with SS# 123-45-6789
    USER NAME: s12345678
    PASSWORD: J01s6789

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