• Students of A. Philip Randolph Career Academies are held to high academic standards. Scholarship opportunities are available, and we encourage students to apply for them. In keeping with the goals of our school, we expect students to follow both industry and workplace codes of ethics.

    The S.W.A.G  Academy prepares students for college and careers in computer science, web development and digital media technology. Our team works collaboratively with businesses in the community to ensure that we are always current with our course offerings. Students are further prepared to engage our business partners who provide opportunities for our students. Through partnerships, students may participate in external internships and competitions to win scholarships for higher education. Participation adds value to their education whereby students receive real-world project-based career skills.

    Our academy courses include studies in computer science, programming, network support, desktop support, digital imaging, web design and animation. The core academic courses are integrated with the student’s chosen technology career track. Successful students are eligible for on-the-job training and the opportunity to prepare for the following industry certifications:  ACA, Networking Fundamentals, CIW IBA, Web Programming and Microsoft Office Suite certifications.

    Our nation is in great need of well-trained health care workers, which is why the A. Philip Randolph Career Academies work closely with local health professionals to teach students skills for employability. Training in professionalism, ethics, critical thinking, technology and patient care enhance their employment opportunities. Working with major acute-care hospitals and long-term care facilities, our Health Academy helps students make the connection between academic and workplace learning. Additional opportunities for workplace experience are available through the

    Explorers Program. Students are trained in and can earn certification in First Aid and CPR annually. Also, students graduate with certification as a Nursing Assistant and training in Allied Health, Home Health, EKG and Health Unit Coordinator. Representatives from the health care industry, including the Mayo Clinic, Baptist, Memorial and St. Vincent’s Hospitals, sit on our advisory council. Their expertise helps us to provide students with the latest  experience and knowledge in the health field so they can make informed career choices.

    APR has partnered with the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department to create our Fire and Rescue Career Academy. It prepares students for a thrilling career in firefighting or Emergency Medical Services. Students enrolled in the Academy have the opportunity to participate in the Explorers Program and gain hands-on real world experience. This academy articulates into post-secondary education.

    In partnership with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, our Public Safety Academy trains students for the Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Program at Florida State College at Jacksonville. The Explorers Program gives students in the Public Safety Academy the opportunity to explore careers in this exciting career field as well as earn hands-on real world experience. In addition, APR and its criminal justice instructor are licensed by the State of Florida to certify students for completion of requirements for an unarmed security guard license.


    Click this link for   Important Cosmotology Program Information (Academy dress, lab fees etc.)

    The A. Philip Randolph Cosmetology Academy prepares students for employment as licensed cosmetologists, registered nail specialists or registered facial specialists. Instruction is designed to help students pass the Florida cosmetology license examination or industry certification.

    The cosmetology program educates students with skills in communication, leadership, human relations, employability and entrepreneurship. It also places emphasis on safe and efficient work practices, Florida cosmetology law and rules and AIDS education. Other topics include relevant chemistry, bacteriology, anatomy and physiology, as well as the art of makeup and both the manipulative and electrical techniques required for cosmetology careers. Industry certifications include Nail Technology, Facial Technology and Cosmetology.