• San Mateo Elementary Safety Patrols

    San Mateo Elementary's Patrols are the leaders and role models for other students in our school. The primary functions of Patrols are
    1) to help children cross safely on their way to and from San Mateo Elementary,
    2) to help children become safe pedestrians,
    3) to help students maintain safety in the hallways and on school grounds,
    4) to insure smooth drop-offs/pick-ups of students,
    5) to lead at school flag-raising ceremonies, and
    6) to encourage qualities of leadership and good citizenship of all Patrol members.

    School Safety Patrol membership is an honored position where millions of boys and girls have served since the program's inception in the 1920's. Becoming a Patrol is a full-time commitment to all functions and aspects of being a patrol.



    Students are recommended for Patrol positions by teachers based on citizenship, academics, leadership, maturity, punctuality, sound judgment, good attendance record, courtesy, respect for others,  and reliability.  In order to maintain active status as a Patrol, students are required to

    ·         maintain A/B Honor Roll status, 

    ·         maintain an "A" in conduct,

    ·         wear the approved uniform every day (includes Patrol safety belt)

    ·         be on time to post and perform your duty in an efficient and responsible manner

    ·         show respect at all times to adults, other students, and fellow Patrol members

    ·         be able to provide transportation to and from school each day