•  Teachers of Tomorrow

    San Mateo Elementary's Teachers of Tomorrow (TOTs) are fourth or fifth grade students who display "teacher-like" qualities that are directed by and help teachers in their classrooms before and after the school day. TOTs are responsible, self-motivated, and caring students that can help teachers with organization and preparation of materials and supplies used to maintain daily activities.



    Students are recommended for TOT positions by teachers based on citizenship, academics, and work ethic. n order to maintain active status as a TOT, students are required to

    ·         maintain an "A-B-C" grade status on report cards

    ·         maintain an "A" in conduct

    ·         wear the white TOT belt all day/every day

    ·         be able to remain at post throughout the entire post time

    ·         be trustworthy, reliable, and willing to help

    ·         be a role model throughout the school