• Clinic Information


    Health/Illnesses or Accidents at School

    Pupils should remain home for a minimum of twenty-four hours following a fever or nausea. A child who suddenly develops a headache, chill, fever, vomiting or other signs of illness should be kept at home.

     When a student has become ill or has an accident at school, the teacher will direct the child to the clinic. An office staff member will make the student as comfortable as possible. If deemed appropriate, a parent will be called. The school clinic is not permitted, nor does it have adequate facilities or staff, to care for a sick child for a prolonged period of time.

     The school clinic is limited in the amount of first-aid treatment that can be given and is prohibited from giving any internal medicine (including aspirin). It is important that we have an emergency phone number for every student. Please instruct your child to report any injury to his/her teacher as soon as possible.

    Medicine at school

    In the event that any child is to take medicine during the day, please refer to the school medication policy. Parent must transport medicine to the school, students may not transport any medicine, even prescribed. Parent will fill out a permission slip with the clinic for medication in addition to getting the permission slip signed and stamped by the child's primary care Doctor. If prescription medication has to be kept on a child's person, a Doctor's note must be provided.


    If your child has one of the listed communicable diseases, he/she must remain at home until after treatment from your doctor or clinic and a release is given: Chicken Pox, Hepatitis, Measles, Mumps, Pinkeye, Ringworm of the scalp or skin, Rubella, Scarlet Fever and Whooping Cough.

    Head Lice

    Any child with head lice or nits may not attend school. No Nit Policy.


    Florida law [Florida Statues 232.032(8) (1)] requires that all students show proof of immunization before admission to school. Any students who fail to show proof of immunization will be excluded from school until such proof or exemption is presented to the school.