• No Nit Policy

    On May 5, 1998 the Duval County School Board approved a major change to the procedure dealing with head lice.  Beginning with the new school year (1998-99), students with nits (eggs) will now be excluded from school until they are nit-free.  All children excluded from school due to head lice and/or nits must be accompanied by a parent or an adult before they will be allowed to return to school or ride the school bus.


    This change is intended to

    •  Reduce the number of students who continue to have head lice and are potential sources of spread to uninfested students.

    •  Decrease the amount of time required to conduct head lice screening and  rechecks by school staff.

    •  Improve the school’s overall health environment.

    •  Return lost instructional time caused by head checks and associated record keeping.

    •  Your understanding and support of our efforts to improve the health and attendance of students will be  appreciated.