• DCPS-BYOD Bring Your Own Device

    The Duval County Public Schools Bring Your Own Device (DCPS BYOD) wireless network is a Wi-Fi network provided to allofiltered internet access to educational resources using their personally owned devices. Th

     Directions for logging onto the DCPS BYOD Network:
    • Search for wireless networks on your device. The SSID (network name) is:  DCPS
    • If you are a guest (do not have DCPS login credentials), select the Guest Access option by checking the box next to "I accept the Acceptable Use Policy" and click Sign On
      • *The Guest network is only available in the main School Board Building & Team Center.
    • If you have DCPS credentials, enter your DCPS email address and password, then click Sign On.
    Select DCPS as the network SSID   Select Guest Access or DCPS Staff   You are now connected to the Internet
    All internet activity is logged, monitored, and reported on.  Users are required to abide by the District Acceptable Use Policy and/or Code of Student Conduct. Users are responsible for the activity that occurs under their account.
    Possession of a wireless communication device is not a violation of the Code of Student Conduct. However, it is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct when the possession of a wireless communication device disrupts the educational process. This includes the unauthorized use of a wireless communication device during school hours and/or the unauthorized use on school buses.