• Duval County Public Schools/University of North Florida

    Urban Professional Development School

    Woodland Acres Elementary Professional Development School

    PDS Goals:

    ·         Increase student achievement

    ·         Prepare our UNF students to be effective teachers in urban schools

    ·         Develop our UNF students into teachers who want to teach in urban schools


    Although there is not one “stand alone” reason for the success of this program, the on-going and meaningful collaboration among ALL partners is the cornerstone.


    Full Time Internship

    ·         6 to 12 UNF students complete their (full time) internship at WAE each semester.

    ·         40% of current WAE teachers are former PDS interns.

    ·         80% of WAE’s Teachers of the Year (last five years) are former PDS interns.

    ·         50% of current Directing Teachers for our (full time) interns are former PDS interns.

    ·         Ms. Patricia Grant, Resident Clinical Faculty (RCF) is housed on site, allowing close supervision of the interns, continuous collaboration with administration and directing teachers.



    Additional UNF Classes

    ·         In total, approximately 350+ UNF students provide over 3500 hours of tutoring each year from completing course required field components at WAE.


    Intro to Diversity for Educators

    Ø UNF students provide one-on-one tutoring to 90% of our 3rd – 5th grade bottom quartile reading students.

    Ø UNF students provide support for students in center activities.

    Ø PIR/RCF provide training for UNF students before come to WAE to work with the students.

    NOTE: Each semester the leadership Team assesses the needs of the WAE students to determine the academic focus for this class.


    Ø UNF students provide one-on-one tutoring and classroom support to ESOL students in 90%+ of the classrooms with ESOL students.

    Intro to Education

    Ø UNF students observe “best teaching practices” in WAE classrooms.


    Ø UNF students work with teachers and students one day per week in preparation for full time internship.

    Corporate Business Partner, Secured Through UNF

    Main Street America

    ·         Provides monthly tutoring using research-based strategies that are prepared by Ms. Grant to our 3rde – 5th grade bottom quartile reading students.

    ·         Provides classroom supplies for our teachers at the beginning of each year.

    ·         Provides books for every K-2nd grade student at the end of the year to jump start their summer reading.

    ·         Hosts annual field trip to their corporate headquarters for all 5th graders to help broaden their vision of future career opportunities.

    ·         Funded (along with Jax Chamber of Commerce and Mr./Mrs. Van Berkel) WAE’s Community Outreach initiative.



    Support for New Teachers

    ·         RCF sponsors New Teacher Support Group, where new teachers receive monthly professional development from the principal, Mrs. Green, based on their needs/requests. Ms. Jones provides follow up support and tracks the on-going progress of monthly goals.


    Professional Development

    ·         PIR and RCF serve on the Leadership Team and collaborate with all members to provide professional development on an as needed basis.