• Terrence T. Wright, Director                            Anita Locke, Secretary 
    Phone:  904-858-4859                                         Phone:  904-858-4859 
    Fax:  904-858-4868                                              Fax:  904-858-4868
    wrightt@duvalschools.org                                lockea@duvalschools.org                

    Louis Mitchum, Supervisor
    Phone:  904-858-4859
    Fax:  904-858-4868

    Debowrah Stevens, Buyer                              Cherdrica Forest, Buyer Assistant
    Phone:  904-858-4838                                         Phone:  904-858-4864
    Fax:  904-858-4868                                               Fax:  904-858-4868
    Stevensd2@duvalschools.org                             forestc@duvalschools.org
    Major Commodity Assignments:
    Audio Visual Equipment and Supplies, Computer Hardware, Computer Services, Software, Computer Supplies, Copier Maintenance, Copier Services, Copier Supplies, Copier Purchases/Leases, Diplomas, Furniture, Medical Supplies and Equipment, Playground Equipment, Printing Equipment, Services, and Supplies, Telecommunications Equipment, Services, and Supplies, Television Equipment.

    Lucy Nasworthy, Buyer                                    Karen Martin-Morene, Buyer Assistant        
    Phone:  904-858-4846                                            Phone:  904-858-4845
    Fax:  904-858-4868                                                 Fax:  904-858-4868
    nasworthyl@duvalschools.org                               morenek@duvalschools.org
                                                                                         Major Commodity Assignments:
    Agricultural Chemicals,Equipment and Supplies, Alarm Systems, Athletic Clothing, Equipment, and Supplies, Awards/Plaques/Trophy, Batteries, Books, Clothing Apparel and Band Uniforms, Communications, Concrete and Related Products, Dues/Fees/Registration, Duplicating Supplies, Electrical Equipment, Supply, Fixtures and Services, Electrical Ballasts, Fertilizer, Fire Alarm Supplies, Fire Extinguishers, Floor Covering, Food Products and Services, Fuels, Grounds Equipment and Supplies, Heating, HVAC System, Mailing Equipment, Supplies and Services, Musical Instrument and Supplies, Safety Equipment and Supplies, Sound Equipment and Supplies, Textbooks, Uniform Rental, Vehicle Purchase.

    James R. Robinson III, Buyer
    Phone:  904-858-4837
    Fax:  904-858-4868
                                                                                             Major Commodity Assignments:

    Can Liners, Can/Garbage, Chemicals, Classroom Supplies, Custodial, Early Childhood Material, Elevator Repair, Maintenance, Stage Lifts and Dumb Waiters, Energy Management, Fence Supplies and Services, Generators, Laminating Equipment and Supplies, Lamps and Lighting, Lockers, Lock Supplies, Office Equipment and Supplies, Paper, Plumbing Equipment and Supplies, Pool Equipment and Supplies, Portable Classrooms, Science Equipment and Supplies, Signs, Tools.

    Cammie Wise,
    Phone:  904-858-4848
    Fax:  904-858-4868

    Toni Small,
    Phone:  904-858-4836
    Fax:  904-858-4868

    Phone:  904-858-4839
    Fax:  904-858-4868