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    Summer Yellow Bus Lunch and Learn

    During these unprecedented times, Duval County Public Schools is committed to providing support to our students. Duval County Public Schools will continue to make "Grab and Go" lunches and snacks available to students.  Spring meals ended May 29th, but FREE summer meals will be available beginning June 8th rom 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at select school sites and bus stop locations for children ages 5-18. No enrollment required.

    How to find a bus stop

    The routes are based on elementary school boundaries, neighborhood elementary school.  Parents whose children attend DCPS as magnet, ESE, ESOL, Choice, middle school, or high school will not have their usual school buses running.  To find your neighborhood elementary school, use the My School Location tool.

    The bus routes are listed by neighborhood elementary school.  Once the neighborhood elementary school has been identified, look at the bus route(s) assigned to that school to find the bus stop which is most convenient.  Although the routes are listed by elementary schools, all grade levels from any school will be provided a lunch at the stop location.  The routes have been designed to efficiently accommodate as many students as possible without causing a major traffic impact.  These stop locations are for every student at every level.

    Summer Yellow Bus Lunch and Learn routes can be found at:  Summer Yellow Bus Lunch and Learn


    If you find a bus stop that you would like to use

    There is no need to call Duval County Public School Transportation.  Go to the stop at the listed time.  The buses are scheduled to service each stop for 10 – 15 minutes.  However, service will continue until all students receive the needed resources.  Please be patient and flexible, these are unprecedented times which present some unusual challenges.  As always, be courteous and respectful of the property we will be operating on, whether public or private.  Please do not litter or improperly dispose of items at the schools or bus stops leaving a mess for others to cleanup.


    If your neighborhood school is not listed

    Meals will continue to be provided curbside at select school sites.  Locations of the select school sites are available to view at  Please know bus stops will not be available within 1.5 miles of a select school site, per school board policy.


    Summer meals will also be available at non-school sites.  There are 3 ways to find a non-school site:

    1. Dial 2-1-1
    2. Text FoodFL to 877-877
    3. Visit

    If you have questions about the route, please call 904-858-6200

    Should you have any questions or concerns about school information or meals please call your student’s school of attendance.   

    Note: During the end of Spring meals and the start of Summer meals the Kids Hope Alliance will be providing free meals at various sites across the county.  Visit to learn more.