• Bus Stop Information

  • General Bus Stop Information

    • Distance: Per district policy, bus stops are located no more than 1 mile from the residence of a student. This does not apply to magnet bus stops. Bus stops are located as a function of safety, neighborhood logistics, district policy, and transportation requirements. 

    • How they're created: Bus stops are established as necessary at the most reasonably safe locations available, at least 1/4 of a mile apart, except when student's safety and welfare may be involved. We try to locate bus stops to serve the entire needs of a neighborhood for years to come. They cannot be located as a function of personal convenience or schedule.

    • Who to contact: Bus drivers do not have the authority to create or delete bus stops. If there is a question about the location of a bus stop, please contact the Transportation Team at 904-850-6200.

    Schools with no neighborhood transportation
    Some schools have no neighborhood buses (other than shuttle buses to and from hubs) because the boundary for that school is within 1.5 miles of the school, and is considered a non-transportation zone. No bus routes are available for these schools. 

    Special Needs Programs
    Students assigned to Alden Road, Oak Hill, Palm Avenue, or Mount Herman, or who ride special needs buses to other schools can call 904-858-6236 for bus information.

    Alternative Schools
    For Grand Park, Mattie V. Rutherford, and Bridge to Success Academy students:

    • Bus stops are located at public locations, at or near schools. These stops are called “express stops." The one mile to a bus stop policy does not apply.
    • Parents are responsible for getting students to and from the bus stops.
    • The routes will not change throughout the year.
    • Fourth & Fifth-grade students from Mattie V. Rutherford are provided shuttle service from four locations: Southside Middle, Kernan Middle, Highlands Middle, and Charger Academy.