Bus Stop Info (Address Lookup)

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  • Note: This application is for District schools only. Charter and Private schools should contact their school of attendance for bus information. (Even though these schools may be displayed as an option, there are no District bus stops available.)

    This application does NOT replace the Transportation Registration process. All students need to be registered via the parent FOCUS portal.


    What is it

    • Bus Stop Info (Address Lookup) is an easy-to-use web-based application that enables you to see the bus stop information for your child based on the address entered and District school of attendance.  For the address entered, you will be shown up to five (5) bus stop options.  Each option will list the stop location, bus number, pick up and drop off times.  This way, you can pick the best bus stop for your child.   


    How to use it

    1. When entering the address, use the abbreviation for the street type (St, Rd, Dr, Ln, Blvd).  Entering the zip code is optional. 
    2. Click search. The application may ask you to verify the address by picking from a list of address options.  If needed, click the correct address and Accept.
    3. Once the correct address is selected, use the drop-down to select the school of attendance. 
    4. Once you have selected your child’s school of attendance from the drop-down menu, click search.  A list of the programs offered at the school will appear.  Click your child’s program. The results will display at the bottom of the screen. 
    5. Scroll down or manipulate the screen to view all options. There may be up to five (5) stop options. 
    6. Pick the best option for your child. Morning and afternoon stops may be listed on separate lines and any shuttle bus information will display under the Transfers section.
    7. NOTE - Please keep in mind, District transportation services are not available to all students.  The application may indicate your child is not eligible for transportation.  Even though stops may be displayed, Transportation strongly discourages the use of bus stops for which students are ineligible.  Ineligible bus stops may present an unsafe situation for your student.


    Contact the Transportation Department at 904-858-6200 if you have questions.   


    When using the BusStopInfo (Address Lookup) for bus stop information, directions, and other content; you may find that actual real-world conditions differ from presented results.  Parents/guardians must exercise independent judgment and use the presented information to decide on the best bus stop option from the offered information.  If there are questions about the presented stop options, please call 904-858-6200.

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