After-school programs
  • After School Activities and Team Up

    For students participating in after school activities such as sports, tutoring, school sponsored clubs or Middle school TEAM UP, transportation services are provided.  The bus stops for the after school activity routes are typically restricted to generally accessible locations such as schools.  School bus rules do apply on all After School Activity and TEAM UP routes. Some schools require a bus pass prior to boarding an after school bus. Please check with your school in advance to find out the process for obtaining a bus pass.


    CALL YOUR SCHOOL FOR ALL STOP REQUESTS. Please ask your school to review, and if approved by the school, to fax the request to Transportation using the Stop Request form provided to all schools.  Transportation will only accept bus stop requests from the school.  Emergency contacts listed below cannot take stop requests.

    EMERGENCY CONTACTS. For late buses and emergencies after 6:30 pm ONLY.  Call the contact listed in the part of town that you live - not where the school is located. 

     If you live in Arlington and the Beaches:

    · STA - Lawanda Hickson      904-510-1204
    · STA - Jason Haywood       904-510-4266
    · STA - Debby Murphy      401-871-2758

    If you live on the Northside and Core City: 

    · First Student - Steven Seidel    904-361-8258
    · First Student - Ron Primous      904-334-2680
    · First Student - Laurie Sleffel    904-334-2671

    If you live in the Northwest:

    · First Student - Falecia Farmer 904-424-9560
    · First Student - Gary Reese       904-622-7490
    · First Student - Clarissa Williams 904-773-3479

    If you live on the Southside and Mandarin:

    · Durham - Jan King      904-314-6473

     If you live on the Westside:

    · STA - Tammy Taylor    904-718-2539
    · STA - Tammy Pawlowitz  904-271-0391
    · STA - Pete Conway     904-798-0715