• Teachers and DCPS Employees, the ESOL Department is here for you.

    We share these core beliefs:

    • Our greatest strength is the racial, gender, ethnic and socio-economic diversity of our students and community.
    • DCPS is committed to the academic success of every student in this district.
    • The achievement gap can be eliminated.
    • Duval is unique in the state in linguistic and cultural diversity; we teach students that speak more than 80 languages and who come from more than 100 different countries
    • With appropriate instructional support and extended learning opportunities, every English Language Learner can achieve at a high level.

    Download our ESOL Endorsement Brochure here: ESOL Endorsement Brochure
  • Who Do I Contact Regarding ESOL Endorsement Classes?
    Professional Development
    (904) 348-7807
    The Office of Professional Development is responsible for the overall management of the Endorsement Program including: maintaining in-service records, verifying completion of in-service credit, and converting college credits to in-service points.
    Kella Grant, Certification
    Human Resource Services
    (904) 390-2376
    The Certification Office is responsible for providing teachers with information concerning ESOL certification. This office notifies teachers of their out-of-field status and provides information concerning ESOL in-service requirements, timelines, and the certification application process.