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    ESOL Newcomer Program Basics
    What is a newcomer?  A secondary student who has been in the country for less than two years and tests at the beginning proficiency level on LAS Links (ELP level 1). 

    What is a newcomer program? This national model is a specially designed educational option or course of study available for newly arrived immigrants that are between 11-17 years old (6th -12th Grade).  The program is open for students from across the county and is housed at Southside Middle School and Englewood High School.  Transportation is provided for students in select areas of the county.

    Why do we need a newcomer program?  We have a critical mass of newly arrived immigrants in middle and high schools that need additional, targeted and transitional support and services to become successfully integrated into DCPS.  These students need orientation to their new country, new language and new school.  This program helps to ease the acculturation process as students transition into the U.S. school system; newcomer program is sometimes called a “decompression chamber” or a “cultural shock absorber” for newly arrived immigrants.

    Should all newcomers attend a newcomer program?  No. This program targets a select group of newcomer students, for whom traditional ESOL programs are not sufficient. Targeted students include those who have gaps in their education, need additional academic support, and/or experienced trauma during the migration process (refugees).  For some newcomers, traditional ESOL programming is sufficient and a newcomer program is not necessary.

    How do students and families find out about the newcomer program?  Most students are assessed for language proficiency at the Center for Language and Culture (CLC).  At this multilingual parent resource center, newly arrived families learn about the newcomer program and decide if this is the right fit for them. These decisions are based on educational academic history, language proficiency, and additional support that is needed.

    How long can students stay in the newcomer program?  Students can stay in the newcomer program for up to two school years (four academic semesters).  After completion of the newcomer program, students transition into traditional ESOL courses, which can be offered in both sheltered and inclusion settings.  At this time, students can choose to stay at the newcomer program school or return to their home school. At the end of every school year, a support team consisting of guidance counselors, newcomer teachers and parents analyze multiple data points (WIDA ACCESS 2.0, FSA, Rosetta Stone, Imagine Learning, ELLoquence, iReady, Achieve, DAR) and make recommendations through an ELL committee regarding year two placement. 

    What is different about the newcomer program than traditional ESOL?  Students in the newcomer program are served as a cohort and self-contained for a minimum of six of their eight classes.  Students in traditional ESOL programs are either self-contained (sheltered) or served in an inclusion/mainstream setting.

    Download a one page flyer for families here: Newcomer Flyer 
  • Newcomer School Counselor at Southside Middle
    Ms. Jacqueline Bellido
    (904) 758-8633
    Newcomer School Counselor at Englewood High School 
    Ms. Girelly Delgado