EAP 2

    HealthAdvocate is a high quality Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Benefit available to you and your dependents.
    This program provides:
    • Help with balancing work and family day-to-day life
    • Free, confidential counseling sessions for you or your family members for personal issues such as stress, family/marital concerns, depression, anxiety, grief and addictions.
    • Counseling at convenient office locations throughout Duval County, close to work or home.
    • 24-hour EAP Helpline
    • Referral program to help you find child care, improve your life, care for aging parents, etc.
    • Wellness Seminars on topics such as Creating Work Life Balance, Financial Fitness: Controlling Your Debt, Staying Tough in Tough Times, and Stress Management to name a few.
    • Help with legal issues and financial issues.
    And much, much, more...
    Call the free, confidential, 24/7 1-877-240-6863
    For additional information, visit the website:  https://members.healthadvocate.com/Home
    If you are an active dcps employee click here: Employee Wellness Newsletter