Wellness Ambassadors Roles and Responsibilities
    The District Wellness Team truly appreciates the passion and enthusiasm for healthy living that so many of our staff and students share.  However, we are especially proud to work with a group of people who also have the desire to encourage others to improve or enhance their health. These dedicated people have the unique opportunity to be the voice of encouragement, which reminds everyone the importance of taking care of themselves.  These are the DCPS school and work site Wellness Ambassadors.  
    Wellness Ambassadors...
    • Communicate health and wellness information and resources to staff, students and school communities/work sites.
    • Coordinate health and wellness focused activities within school/work site
    • Facilitate the work of the Healthy School Team (required at schools/optional within work sites)
    • Encourage members of your school/work site to participate in wellness programs and services.
    • Provide feedback on district wellness programs and services and contribute to new ideas.
    • Be an enthusiastic liaison to the District Wellness Team.
    If you are interested in finding out the name of your school or work site Wellness Ambassador or if you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please feel free to contact District Wellness at wellness@duvalschools.org.