• Exceptional Education Student (ESE) Parent Survey

    Florida’s ESE Parent Survey 2020-2021

    Make your voice heard!

    Each year, the Florida Department of Education surveys parents of children with an individual education plan (IEP) to assist state and local school systems to continue improving educational programs.  Duval County Public Schools would appreciate your input. You can complete the survey online at http://www.esesurvey.com between February and June of each school year. 


    Every year, the Florida Department of Education conducts a survey designed to provide the state with information on how well schools are supporting parents of students with disabilities’ involvement in their child’s education.  This information is used by the FLDOE to report to the USDOE, OSEP on the percent of parents with a child receiving special education services who report that schools facilitated parent involvement as a means of improving services for children with disabilities.

    Survey responses are completely anonymous and confidential. Results of the survey will only be reported at the state and district level. Schools will not know how any of the individual parents responded.


    Typically the ESE Parent surveys can be accessed and completed anytime between February 1 and May 31.


    All parents of children with disabilities having a current IEP and in grades Preschool to 12 are to complete this survey.  (Note: this survey is not intended for parents of students in the gifted program with educational plans (EPs). 


    A hard copy survey will be provided to teachers for all parents/guardians of children with disabilities (i.e. those with a current Individual Education Plan).  There is also a postage paid self-addressed return envelope for the parent to mail back the survey.

    Any questions contact, Molly Brock at 348-5210. 



  • Contact Information

    Molly Brock

    EE/SS Parent Involvement Specialist