• early childhood schools  

    Seat availability after VPK lottery- Data will be updated weekly.

School Name Title I / Non-Title I Available number of VPK seats
Abess Park Title I 0
Alimacani Non-Title I 0
Arlington Heights Title I 0
Atlantic Beach Non-Title I 0
Biscayne Title I 0
Crystal Springs Title I 0
Dinsmore Title I 0
Enterprise Learning Title I 0
Ft. Caroline Title I 0
George W. Carver Title I 8
Greenland Pines Non-Title I 0
Highlands Title I 0
Hogan Spring Glen Title I 0
Hyde Grove Title I 0
John Love Title I 54
Joseph Finegan Non-Title I 9
Kings Trail Title I 10
Lake Lucina Title I 0
Mamie A. Jones Title I 0
Martin L. King Title I 0
Merrill Road Title I 0
Neptune Beach Non-Title I 0
Normandy Village Title I 0
North Shore Title I 0
Northwestern Title I 5
  • The Museum of Science & History (MOSH) offers a VPK program through the John Love Early Learning Center. For more information, call 904-630-6790.