Welcome to Elementary Science!
    "The elementary science program must provide opportunities for students to develop understandings and skills necessary to function productively as problem-solvers in a scientific and technological world.
    • Elementary school students learn science best when—
      1. they are involved in first-hand exploration and investigation and inquiry/process skills are nurtured.
      2. instruction builds directly on the student's conceptual framework.
      3. content is organized on the basis of broad conceptual themes common to all science disciplines.
      4. mathematics and communication skills are an integral part of science instruction.
    • The learning environment for elementary science must foster positive attitudes towards self and society, as well as science.
    • Elementary school students value science best when—
      1. a variety of presentation modes are used to accommodate different learning styles, and students are given opportunities to interact and share ideas with their peers.
      2. the scientific contributions of individuals from all ethnic origins are recognized and valued.
      3. other subject areas are infused into science.
      4. inquiry skills and positive attitudes are modeled by the teacher and others involved in the education process." - NSTA, 2002


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