• Health Screenings
    There are now two pathways to health screenings: on-site at your school/work location or through a Quest Diagnostic Patient Service Center. The most important part of a health screening it to DO it, so you choose what option works best for you!
    On-site Health Screenings
    So what exactly is an on-site health screening and what does it include? The health screenings are conducted onsite by a private vendor and involves...
    • A slight/ painless finger prick to test blood
    • Blood pressure arm cuff measurement
    • Body Composition measurement
    The health screening helps you "know your numbers" because they include numerical results for the following:
    • Blood Pressure
    • Body Mass Index
    • HDL Cholesterol
    • Total Cholesterol
    • HDL/TC Ratio
    • Blood Glucose
    Results are printed immediately after the screening and a health/wellness counselor is available to answer questions.
    Quest Diagnositcs - Blueprint for Wellness
    Duval County Public Schools and Florida Blue have partnered with Quest Diagnostics to bring you Blueprint for Wellness. This is a health and biometric screening that provides great information to you about your body. If you do not have access to an on-site health screening, you can participate in this program and schedule an appointment for a screening at a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center near you. For specific instructions about how to schedule and complete your biometric screening and complete the online PHA, see the attached document.
    Health screenings allow us to create a broader picture of the level of health within the school district. Knowing the broader health challenges that exist,  helps us support our schools and work sites in developing unique wellness experiences. It is recommended that each school/work site host a health screening on an annual basis and/or they encourage their staff members to participate in a screening on their own then complete an online Personal Health Assessment (PHA). This encourages everyone to know their numbers, track any changes and make lifestyle adjustments to improve personal health. If you are interested in scheduling an on-site health screening or have questions about the Quest Diagnostics screenings, see the information below, the attached documents or contact the Wellness Office at 390-2076 or 390-2077.