•  Mandarin High School Marching Band at 2022 MPAs



    Our customers

    Elementary music teachers, secondary general music teachers, band directors, orchestra directors, chorus directors; community members and businesses and indirectly: students, principals, classroom teachers

    Our goals

    • To make music such a vital part of education that every child is provided musical experiences as part of their educational experience in Duval County;
    • To assist music teachers in reaching their goal of educating children in the creation, understanding, and appreciation of music;
    • To provide teachers with the necessary resources to reach their goals;
    • To keep music teachers informed of and involved with news and activities relevant to their programs;
    • To be a liaison between classroom teachers and the administrative network, providing funding and regulations for music programs in the schools;
    • To be a liaison between schools and community groups or businesses with an interest in supporting music education.


    Our Staff 

    Dale Choate, Specialist / Secondary Music

    DCPS Fine Arts Office
    2924 Knights Lane E - Bldg 10
    904/739-4869 x2
    Amanda Pfisterer, Elementary Music Specialist
    Music Resource Center
    Frank H. Peterson Academies of Technology
    7450 Wilson Blvd | Room 305
    Jacksonville, FL 32210
    904.348.5742 | Office