• DCPS Title I Parent and Family Engagement mission is to empower parents and families to support their children's cognitive and social-emotional development from the cradle to the workforce and/or college. We will accomplish this by strengthening district, school, family and community partnerships through support and training.

    A major step with Parent and Family Engagement is the school Parent and Family Engagement Plan.  Parents and Stakeholders - please click the link below to view the Title I Parent and Family Engagement Plans for Duval County Public Schools.  The plans are included in the Title I Schoolwide Plan.  When you click on the school name, there is an "Other Documents" tab, click that to view the Parent and Family Engagement Plan.  https://www.floridacims.org/districts/duval 

    To ensure that students become productive and responsible citizens, Title I Parent and Family Engagement Center staff, family members, and community agencies will work cooperatively to increase and strengthen family and school partnerships. 

    The Title I program for parents is designed to:

    • Inform parents and families about Title I regulations
    • Involve parents and families in local Title I decisions
    • Provide literacy training
    • Offer parental training in schools and the community on ways to raise student achievement via at home activities
    • Encourage active participation in their child(ren)’s schools and education

    DCPS Title I Success by Design; Together We Succeed

    Success by Design was a partnership between Duval County Public Schools and the Florida Institute of Education (FIE) that creates a Neighborhood of Learning Network (NLN) which connects the Parent and Family Engagement Centers, families, schools, and neighborhood agencies.  This design has since been incorporated into the PArent and Family Engagment component of all Title I, Part A schools.  Title I schools in Duval County have Parent Resource Rooms with materials to engage parents in the learning process of their students.  

    The implementation of the Parent and Family Engagement Plan at each school includes:

    1. Resources for Parent and Family Engagement in a designated area at the school.
    2. Parent outreach at the school and advertisements with business partners, community partners, and the faith based community. 
    3. Packets of information on literacy, testing, discipline and social skills are provided.
    4. A Lending Library of Academic and Social Skills materials to support parents as they work with their families.  In addition to school resources, there is a District Parent Resource Center that serves all schools in the district.  The center supports activities which promote positive parenting, early literacy, and family engagement. 
    5. Training on how parents can assist their child(ren) with their academic skills at home.

    Please feel free to visit your Title I school to find out how parent engagement is implemented.