Reading is always a good choice for children!
    Every student at J. Allen Axson visits the library for a media class every other week. We currently share Ms. Emily with Spring Park Elementary. Students can come in the morning between 8:10am and 8:25am to check out if they need to. Students who have not returned their library books cannot check out another book until they bring back their books. We ask that our students return library books the day before their media class if they wish to check out during media class. This way, we can ensure that each students' books have been checked in and that his or her record is clear. However, there are exceptions: When a student is reading a particularly long or challenging book, we are happy to renew the book so that the student can take extra time to finish it! (Students do not even need to bring the book back physically to renew it, we can simply do it in our computers.) In the event that a student cannot find a book, or damages a book, the book must be paid for so that we can replace it. 

    Students begin checking out books in kindergarten, and are allowed to check out one book per week. This occurs after they have had a series of lessons focused on basic book and shelf care. Lower elementary students are allowed to check out two books per week. Upper elementary students may check out three books weekly. Parents also are invited to check out books from the Axson Media Center; they have the same rights as Axson teachers in the library. The best times to stop by the library as a family are right after school or before school. Students are taught to use shelf markers when selecting books, so please ask your child about this when you visit the library and help us reinforce this when you visit as a family. See you at the library!