• General Code of Appearance

    1. The personal appearance of students shall be appropriate to the school setting.

    2. The wearing of distracting, extreme, or inappropriate apparel is not permitted. Exposed midriff, revealing, and bareback clothes shall not be worn.

    3. Hats, caps, sweatbands, bandannas, or any other head coverings will not be worn and should not be brought to school. If worn and confiscated, such headwear will be returned only to the student’s parent/guardian.

    4. Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times. Flip flops, thongs, or shoes without a back strap are not acceptable or safe footwear.

    5. Tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, undershirts, cut-offs, see-through net shirts, swim wear, or garments revealing underwear may not be worn.

    6. Clothing displaying inappropriate logos and or advertisements for products with reference to sexually explicit nature (phrases or symbols), drugs, alcohol, gambling, and tobacco will not be permitted.

    7. Hairstyles shall be appropriate and consistent with good grooming. Painted hair, shaved haircuts with obscene symbols or language are not allowed. Preparatory hair grooming (hair curlers, wave caps, or wrap caps) are not permissible.

    8. To be consistent with good hygiene practices, cleanliness of the physical person and clothing is necessary.

    9. Special costumes may be worn when recommended by the activity sponsor and approved by the principal.

    10. Sunglasses are not permitted.

    11. Clothing may not be worn “backwards” or “inside-out”. Jeans or pants waistbands will be worn at waist level – not low on the hips.

    12. Blue jeans are perfectly acceptable – torn or ripped jeans are not.

    13. Suspenders may be worn – over the shoulders – not hanging down. Overall straps are to be worn over both shoulders.

    14. Tight, distracting, or inappropriate apparel should be avoided.

    15. It is strongly recommended that students not wear expensive athletic shoes and expensive jackets to school.

    16. If the pants have belt loops, the student must wear a belt. Belts must be buckled in the front. Any excess belt hanging from the buckle must be looped through the belt loops.

    17. Earrings are the only type of body piercing acceptable.

    18. Any clothing symbolic of a cult or gang is not permitted.

    This policy on personal appearance is meant to enable the students of Duval County to dress casually, but reasonably. It is the responsibility of all school personnel to report all violations of this policy to the appropriate administrator for action. Nothing in this policy shall be constituted to pre-empt the authority of the principal to act contrary to statements contained herein.