Board Broadcast

  • The live stream of the current workshop, May 17, 2022, is experiencing technical difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to restore the live stream.


    Once a month, the Duval County School Board holds a regular Board Meeting.

    The public can attend these meetings in person or view on this webpage or on television: WJCT Channel 7.4 (digital antennae required) or Comcast channel 212.

    *Note - Board workshops and agenda meetings are open to the public but are not regularly broadcast live. These meetings are usually recorded. If they exist, video or audio files of workshops and other meetings, can be requested by making a public records request


    • To view past regular Board meetings, click here
    • To view meeting notices, click here
    • To view meeting agendas, click here.


    Security screening at Board meetings

    To ensure the safety of every guest, all persons, including DCPS employees, will be subject to a bag check and a security scan of your person, which includes a body scan with a handheld magnetic wand.  If you have a medical condition that prevents you from being screened by the magnetic wand, please immediately notify the police officer.