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    All active English Language Learners must receive test accommodations.  These State mandated accommodations are to be provided regardless of English Language Proficiency or years in an ESOL program. 

    There are five testing accommodations for ELLs:

    1.     Flexible Setting

    2.     Flexible Scheduling

    3.    Additional Time 

    4.     Assistance in Heritage Language

    ***The teacher may answer specific inquiries concerning a word or phrase in a writing prompt that is confusing the student because of limited English proficiency. In no case shall assistance be given to the student in responding to the writing prompt. The teacher is prohibited from reading the entire prompt to the student.***

    5.     Approved Dictionary Use


    Approved Bilingual Dictionaries

  • For more information on testing accommodations
    contact the ESOL Office:  (904) 390-2202
  • View this short presentation to find out more about allowable test accommodations for ELLs:
    Testing Accommodations for ELLs
    What is the difference between a Bilingual Dictionaries and a Bilingual Glossaries?


    Both are approved for ELLs to use during state assessments according to the state board of education Rule 6A-6.09091, FAC, Accommodations of the Statewide Assessment Program Instruments and Procedures for English Language Learners, which states, “(d) Approved Dictionary and Glossary. ELLs must have access to English-to-heritage language/heritage language-to-English dictionaries or glossaries or both, such as those made available to ELLs in an instructional setting. The dictionary or glossary must provide word-to-word translations only and may not contain definitions or other information. A dictionary or glossary written exclusively in the heritage language or in English shall not be provided. Electronic translation dictionaries or glossaries that meet the same requirements without accessing the Internet may be used.”


    Bilingual content glossaries are useful for content-specific academic terms and the bilingual dictionaries are useful for general unknown vocabulary that can’t be determined through the use of context clues.  Regular use of these resources prior to testing is essential.  Below is a link to approved bilingual content glossaries.  They must be printed out for use on the assessments.  The ESOL department recommends printing two copies per student: one for daily classroom use that can be annotated by the student and another clean copy to be used during testing.




    Please note that only the bilingual word to word translation glossaries available through this link may be used for state testing (FSA, NGSS tests) and they must be printed out.  The glossaries for cognates and false cognates, the bilingual Literary Terms & Devices for Language Arts, and the Key Terms Used to Describe Practices Related to the Education of ELLs in New York - English/Spanish, may NOT be used on these assessments.