• Consolidated Services Center (CSC)

    The DIFFICULT we will get done right away,
    the IMPOSSIBLE will take us a little while.

    Mission: To provide care, service, and commitment in our daily operations that will make a difference in our children's future.

    Services: The CSC is a service operation that supports the schools and administrative departments of the District providing the following services: Asset Management, District Mail Center, District Printing, Fleet Management, Instructional Materials, Records & Information Management, Surplus Property, Teachers Supply Depot, and Warehouse Operations.

     ***Surplus Property items may be purchased online through GovDeals.com

    *For information regarding donations to the Teacher Supply Depot, call Buck Williams at (904)858-1447.

    Contact Information

    Paul Soares
    Assistant Superintendent of Operations
    Office:  (904) 390-2008

    Antonio M. Gimenez 
    Director, Consolidated Services 
    Office: (904) 858-1501 

    Fax: (904) 858-1430                                                         

    David Atkinson 
    Supervisor, Warehouse Operation 
    Office: (904) 858-1501 
    Fax: (904) 858-1430          

    Victor Morris
    Supervisor, District Fleet Services
    Office:  (904) 858-1481

    Cindy O'Dowd
    Secretary III
    Office: (904) 858-1418
    Fax: (904) 858-1433