• Asset Management


    Mission: To support the schools and administration in maintaining new asset entries, tag asset equipment and accurate inventories according to state and district guidelines.


    Services: Classifies, ID tags, inventories and retires asset items (equipment, software, and a/v materials) with a value of $750 or more at each school and administrative department. The department monitors over 89,000 items with a value of over $200,000,000. Annually, an additional 11,500 plus items are added with a value of over 75,000,000. This department retires an average of 6,000 items a year with an average value of $11,000,000.


    Contact Information

    Nathan Mobley
    Asst. Warehouse Manager
    (904) 858-1413 - Phone


    David Atkinson
    Supervisor, Warehouse Operations
    Office:  (904) 858-1501
    Fax:  (904) 858-1430
    Main Office Phone Number:  (904) 858-1414
    Office Fax Number:  (904) 858-1430














    Asset and Property Management Procedures