• Instructional Materials Warehouse

    Mission: To provide leadership, collaboration and support to students, teachers, administrators, and community organizations in the efficient and effective selection, acquisition, distribution and use of instructional and informational resources and materials.

    Instructional Materials Services: Coordinates the adoption, purchase, distribution, and inventory of instructional materials and textbooks for all schools. With an annual state categorical budget of approximately $10 million, the State of Florida adoption cycle ensures a different subject area adoption is implemented every six years, and that every student and teacher has the instructional materials necessary for success. This office processes requests from schools representing nearly 1 million items annually.

    Media and Instructional Materials Services: Provides Media and Instructional Materials support through trained Instructional Managers at every school and Media Specialists trained to serve Duval Schools as support for student and teachers providing a quality education. 

    Contact Information:

    Michelle DiBias Supervisor of Instructional Materials and Media Services

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