• Surplus Property

    Mission: To provide professional service and a commitment to excellence in our daily operations in warehousing and surplus management, that will make a difference in all our children's future.

    Services: Responsible for the pick-up, delivery, storage, and disposal of all district furniture and equipment. Also handles the furniture and equipment moves between schools and district’s cafeterias. This operation conducts the weekly surplus sales and the auctions for the larger equipment and vehicles. Each year, we recover an average of $265,000 from the surplus sales and auctions that is placed back into the operating budget for the district.

    Contact Information

    David Newton 
    Warehouse Manager (Special Projects)
    Office: (904) 858-1443
    Fax: (904) 858-1430

    Uzomba (Uzo) Ihedioha
    Asst. Warehouse Manager (GovDeals, Retirement, Surplus Equipment)
    Office: (904) 858-1416
    Fax:  (904) 858-1433

    ***Surplus Property items may be purchased on-line through GovDeals.com 

    School Administrators who would like to schedule an appointment for viewing furniture to be reissued, contact David Newton at (904) 858-1443.

    Gov Deals DCPS surplus items at