• Warehouse Operations

    Mission: To provide care, service, and commitment in our daily operations in warehouse and material management, mail, and courier services, that will make a difference in our children’s future.

    Services: This operation purchases, inventories, and distributes the supplies used in classrooms, offices, and maintenance departments for the district. We carry over 787 items in the General Supplies section and over 2,490 in the Maintenance Supplies section, with a combined inventory of over $3,000,000. This function delivers all supplies, district’s paychecks, textbooks, test, and the entire district’s inter-department mail. Responsible for the pick-up, delivery, storage, and disposal of all district furniture and equipment. Also handles the furniture and equipment moves between schools and district’s cafeterias. This operation conducts the weekly surplus sales and the auctions for the larger equipment and vehicles. Each year, we recover an average of over $200,000 from the surplus sales and auctions that is placed back into the operating budget for the district.

    Contact Information – Warehouse Services

    David Atkinson
    Supervisor, Warehouse Operations
    Office:  (904) 858-1422
    Fax:     (904) 858-1430

    Derald "Gator" Williams (Drivers, Furniture, and Pick Ups) 
    Warehouse Outbound Manager
    Office:  (904) 858-1445
    Fax:  (904) 858-1430







    ** Check your Storeroom Catalog monthly for price changes. For new items, refer to the back of the catalog.

    General Supplies Catalog 6.3.19  Prices Subject to Change; Refer to SAP
    Procedures for Receiving Warehouse Supplies



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