•                                                      Parent Academy 
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    Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) has launched a Parent Academy to promote parental involvement and enhance student achievement. Academy classes will be offered in schools, libraries, community centers, government offices, and faith-based institutions. The Parent Academy will focus on three primary tracks: Student Achievement, Parenting and Advocacy, and Personal and Individual Growth.
    • Student Achievement: Workshops and activities provide parents and caregivers with tools to promote students' academic achievement and navigate the school system.
    • Parenting & Advocacy: Workshops and activities provide tools to more effectively enhance parenting, advocacy and leadership skills.
    • Personal & Individual Growth: Workshops and activities provide tools for supporting the personal and professional growth of parents and caregivers.

    Parent Academy courses are also offered on two levels:

    Foundation: Courses which address basic core concepts.

    Advanced: Courses which explore concepts at a more in-depth level.

    Academic advocacy and involvement by parents provide a foundation for success. Researchers have noted that family involvement and interest in a child’s education produces positive effects throughout the years, including the following:

    • Increased achievement in math, reading, and science;
    • Better attendance and homework completion;
    • Participation in advance learning classes, additional earned credits & improved graduation rates;
    • Early post secondary education and career planning; and
    • Social and behavioral gains